Simplify, then add lightness

Don’t follow the rules, set them.

As in a tachometer the focus indicator is always rising, thinking and acting to reach the next level as fast as possible.

All this whilst keeping in mind the basic criteria of the brand philosophy: lightness, minimalism and speed.

The ultimate goal is to reach top performance.

By tradition, Lotus uses the least possible number of components to produce its cars for a pure and simple driving experience. Each Lotus is brought to the world with only one objective: to excite its driver. To give him an unprecedented driving experience, both on track and road.

Gino SpA, official Lotus dealer for sales and service, embodies these characteristics to the full. Alessandro Gino, General Manager of the Gino SpA Group, is a passionate rally driver and the first in the team to believe in and love sports cars. We are not only a dealer but a real racing team, where cars are studied and appreciated, from the chassis lightness to all other mechanical parts.

We are waiting for you for a Lotus test drive to experience the best we can offer.

Nothing drives like a Lotus




Alessandro Gino

General Manager




Francis Sassone

Francis Sassone

Sales Manager




Christian Bernardi

Sales Consultant